May 16, 2022

Can you take relief from an immovable obstruction in a penalty space?

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What do the policies say about immovable obstructions in penalty places?

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The Rules of Golf are difficult! Luckily, we’ve got the guru. Our Rules Guy knows the e book entrance to again. Got a issue? He’s bought all the responses.

My ball lies in a crimson penalty space. It’s playable, but there’s a fence amongst the ball and the eco-friendly. The fence is out of bounds, my ball is not. Do I get aid from an immovable obstruction? If so, ought to I drop inside the penalty location, or just in just two club-lengths of the closest stage of reduction? —Gary Ahlstrom, Charlotte, NC

Initial factors first, Gary: No, you do not get absolutely free reduction from an immovable obstruction if your ball is in a penalty location, for every Rule 17.3.

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Principles Male: Are you entitled to no cost relief from an immovable obstruction in your line of sight?


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Further, considering that the fence is out of bounds, even if the ball was not in a penalty location, you still would not get absolutely free reduction from it. Alas, this renders your stick to-up issue moot, while it in no way hurts to request!

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This actually transpired. Imagine a stream in the middle of the dogleg and down the fairway’s inside curve. A participant hits his shot and easily carries the drinking water, but the ball conks a tree on the aspect of the fairway and ricochets backward into the water without touching the floor. No one particular knew wherever the drop should really be — on the facet of the drinking water nearer to the environmentally friendly simply because the tree is there, or behind the stream for the reason that it hardly ever touched the ground ahead of heading in the water? —Dennis Thomas, via e mail

Regulations Man thinks you, Dennis. Without a doubt, he often receives variants on this query. The very first detail is, you have to establish where the ball final entered the penalty location.

Here’s one thing that might shock a several people not familiar with the Definition of a Penalty Space: The edge of a penalty region goes verti­cally, i.e., up and down. So in which the ball entered the penalty space can be, and in this circumstance is, very dif­ferent from the place the ball entered the h2o itself — it entered in the air. That is the issue you use as a reference to take aid.

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Policies Man: Is it a penalty if your unrepaired ball mark assists you gap your putt?


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Now, you didn’t say whether or not this was a purple or yellow penalty spot. If it’s yellow, the possibilities (stroke-and-distance or again-on-the-line reduction) have to have you to drop on the fairway facet if it is red, you get the identical alternatives as well as lateral reduction, which would perhaps allow for for a fall on the green facet if you can get relief from the stage in which the ball final entered with two club lengths or considerably less, no nearer to the hole.

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