September 17, 2021

OU football & Big 12 remain a hot topic for Nebraska fans

22 min read

Nebraska football is an evergreen subject in Oklahoma. I suspect that will remain so for another generation or so. 

Oklahoma football is an evergreen subject in Nebraska. I suspect that will remain so for at least two more generations, since Nebraskans have more time to dwell on the past. 

My column in the Sunday Oklahoman about the Cornhuskers drew plenty of response from Corn Nation.  

The Tuesday ScissorTales repicks the 2015 NBA Draft, hones in on OSU’s newest basketball recruit and applauds ESPN for its latest Monday Night Football innovation. But we start with Nebraska and its legion of mostly-classy fans. 

My daily mailbag leads off the ScissorTales because it’s always instructive to hear from our old friends in Nebraska, struggling with mediocre football, especially with the Sooners hosting the Cornhuskers on September 18

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